Food safety in China


“But every so often – too often, for a growing chorus of Chinese voices – a fiendishly creative bad actor finds a way to make a quick buck by passing off one thing as another. Pork is made to taste like beef, due to a carcinogenic chemical brushed on it. Watermelons explode, after being injected with a chemical to make them grow faster and bigger. Rotten fruit is pickled and treated with chemicals to make it look fresh on supermarket shelves. And, of course, the most infamous case — in 2008, milk and infant formula were doctored with the chemical melamine, which looks in tests like protein. That allowed middlemen to water down milk and still pass the protein tests. It also made at least 300,000 people ill, and killed at least six infants.

“I think the government does know food safety issues are important, but they’re giving other things a higher priority, like fast economic growth and creating jobs,” he says. “But this can’t continue. People are losing trust in the government.”


In my home country, Vietnam, the same situation happens. Food in Vietnam as well as other countries is much more expensive than in the U.S. I feel lucky to be able to eat food here even though I still worry about pesticides in veggies and growth hormone and drugs in industrial poultry/ cattle. I am trying to be a pescetarian.

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