Emergency preparedness


When Raoul Silva by Javier Bardem appeared on the abandoned island in the 007 movie “Skyfall”, he told James Bond “Whenever I look at this island, it reminds me of what are essentials and what are not, what to take, what not to take…” It makes me think about essential things in my life and emergency preparedness. It also reminds me of emergency backpack that Peter Lawrence, a minimalist, mentioned in this video. I realize I do not have one and I am not prepared for any kind of disaster.

So I find these websites:



You will find tons of information on how to prepare for disaster such as how to build your emergency kit, where to store and maintain your kit or even how to get involved in your community.

One thing I find important is the charger for cell phone. You may not have electricity for days, so if you have a smart phone, you should have an extra battery or store your regular flipped/ slide/ Flinstone phone in your emergency backpack which has longer battery life (but remember to charge the battery regularly) or you can get a solar charger.


P.S. The abandoned island in movie “Skyfall” does exist in real life. Its name is Hashima located in Japan. Japanese people do not want to talk about it and the island itself looks really creepy. You can read more here:



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