Pass RE Practice!!!


I really need to catch up with blogging :(. The good news is I get an A for the class yay!!! Professor asks me why I drop his RE appraisal class and RE finance class :(. He offers me free book and access code. I really like the platform of Rockwell Institute’s online course but the cost for tuition itself at Saddleback community college (SCC) is more than tuition + book at Allied school. If it was 3 yrs ago, I would choose SCC because I would qualify for financial aids. The platform of Allied school is really boring, no avatar or animation. You get what you pay for, right? Well, sometimes LOL.

Today I just go see more model houses from Lennar, a company that builds homes all over the States. Still debating whether I should buy new house or old house. New houses look really nice but it is far from where I work. Old houses need repairs and I may get into bidding wars but they are cheaper and closer to my work. I already have an agent in mind but I am too lazy to call her.

Some thought for the day: “Within the last 25 years, financial institutions have been part of two such fiascos—the Savings & Loan Crisis in the late 1980s and the Housing Bubble and Financial Crisis of the late 2000s.  In part, both of these were caused primarily by unsound real estate lending practices.” – from my current class RE Appraisal.