Register 2 classes for Fall semester


Just registered 2 classes today for Fall semester: Legal aspect of RE and RE appraisal I.

My current class RE practice is at chapter 6. Half-way done. Yay!!!

What I have learned so far:

1. Terms in real estate

2. How to read a purchase agreement

3. How to read a listing agreement

4. Disclosures when buying or selling a house

I do not intend to practice in RE. I just want to gain knowledge so that it will be easier for me to buy or sell my own house later. I can save 3% of commission if I sell my own house with the knowledge of a listing agent :D. To sit for the exam of RE broker, I need 8 classes. If everything goes smoothly, I will be able to sit for the exam by the end of next year. The total cost of 8 classes at a community college is about $2000. If selling a $350,000 house, you can save the amount of 3% commission which is $10,500. I think it is a good investment to take RE classes even when you do not want to practice in this profession. A transaction in buying or selling a house involves a big amount of money, probably the biggest investment of one’s life. Therefore, you need to have knowledge to make everything go smoothly and make it work for you, not for anyone else. I work, so I do not qualify for financial aids. I wish I took these classes while I was still in pharmacy school. Anyway, think about it and let me know if you decide to take classes after reading this post.




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