Wall-E and material world


I just watched Wall-E animation on Friday and it has changed my thinking about consumerism so much. Wall-E came out in June 27, 2008 and I watched it 4 years later, a little too late. The movie showed human’s wastefulness, materialism, consumerism, and ignorance of human kind. It made me feel guilty of buying new stuffs. I was about to buy a new smartphone, an ipad, a plasma TV, and a DSLR camera. After seeing Wall-E, I did not want to upgrade anything. If buying in the future, I will buy second-hand TV, camera, etc. My boyfriend has watched Wall-E so many times and he thought I have watched it. I felt he was like Wall-E, collecting free things from Craiglist or dumpsters in his apartment complex and reused them or gave them to me or family members or his friends. He told me sometimes he felt embarrassed because he felt so cheap. I understood that his intention was just to save money as much as possible.

Recycle, reuse and let’s make the world better!!!



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