Kaiser Permanente and Health Talks, Health podcast


This topic is a bit off from my blog’s theme, but it is so interesting that I want to share with you. It is about health  talks and podcast that are presented by MD from Kaiser Permanente. I prefer listening to medical doctors to other sources. Being healthy is the best investment in your life. A lot of elderly go bankrupt due to medical bills. Prevention is the key. Please do not rely on pills because any pill has side effects in the long run. Diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle will save you a lot of money in your life.

Health Talks: https://www.signup4.net/public/ap.aspx?EID=20111274E&OID=147

One of the talks that I listened recently is Cancer Prevention: Why Your Food Choices and Activity Levels Matter. Check it out.

Health podcast: http://www.permanente.net/homepage/kaiser/pages/f48962.html

Podcast is another option besides audio books and music when going to the gym.

Kaiser website also has many other resources that are helpful and reliable: https://healthy.kaiserpermanente.org/health/care/consumer/health-wellness/live-healthy

There are too many websites available but not all of them provides reliable and thorough knowledge. Being able to sort through information and choose the right one is not easy. Usually information from government websites and medical organizations are the ones that you should consider.



Warren Buffett: Bloomberg Game Changer – Still relevant?


He invests in value stocks, has excellent memories, reads annual reports everyday and believe in long term investment. He has lived through the most successful period of the stock market. I wonder if his method in investing in stocks is still relevant these days. I have tried to read annual reports but it is too boring. I do not find it interesting at all. I have borrowed an accounting book from my friend but I stopped at the end of chapter 1. “Discipline” is what I admire from successful people, and it is what I struggle with.

Bloomberg WB

Wall-E and material world


I just watched Wall-E animation on Friday and it has changed my thinking about consumerism so much. Wall-E came out in June 27, 2008 and I watched it 4 years later, a little too late. The movie showed human’s wastefulness, materialism, consumerism, and ignorance of human kind. It made me feel guilty of buying new stuffs. I was about to buy a new smartphone, an ipad, a plasma TV, and a DSLR camera. After seeing Wall-E, I did not want to upgrade anything. If buying in the future, I will buy second-hand TV, camera, etc. My boyfriend has watched Wall-E so many times and he thought I have watched it. I felt he was like Wall-E, collecting free things from Craiglist or dumpsters in his apartment complex and reused them or gave them to me or family members or his friends. He told me sometimes he felt embarrassed because he felt so cheap. I understood that his intention was just to save money as much as possible.

Recycle, reuse and let’s make the world better!!!


Buying a house vs. Starting a business


I used to work at an independent pharmacy store. The owner and his wife are both pharmacists and the wife works part-time in the same company with me. His store is really successful, much more profitable than a chain drug store. However, what makes me surprise is that he also owns 4 restaurants. And he is only 34yo!!! So young.

I wonder if I should buy a house or I should start a business? And what kind of business that requires less maintenance than restaurant?

Mobile home insurance


I am looking for fire insurance for my parents’ mobile home. I called Geico this morning and the agent gave me a very good quote $559/ year. However, because it is a very old mobile home, older than 29 years, Geico requires inspection of the house. It is $60 for the inspection. I haven’t called any other insurance.

Any recommendation?

Just got another quote for $338/year for $50,000 insurance from Foremost. I decided to buy it from http://www.pulpstreet.com/