Sign and initial PDF documents


I usually work with my agent via email, including initialing and signing real estate offer documents. It is not practical to print 15 pages, then initial, then scan and send back the document. It is a waste of paper, time, and the image quality goes down along the line. So I try to find way to put my initial and signature directly on the PDF file. I check with Echosign and it seems that e-sign is legitimate. I have not tried DocuSign yet (it is another option). EchoSign only gives free 5 documents. So I have to find another way, Soda PDF with trial of 14 days. After that, what I am gonna do? I don’t know yet. My friend suggests to find “crack” :D. Soda PDF allows you to convert PDF to image, then you can use image editor programs (I used Paint) to sign or put initial, and then convert image back to PDF. It works for me so far, and E-sign is so convenient, especially in my situation.

Do you have any suggestion of software to put an e-sign to a PDF file if its security does not allow you to sign it?


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