Sign and initial PDF documents


I usually work with my agent via email, including initialing and signing real estate offer documents. It is not practical to print 15 pages, then initial, then scan and send back the document. It is a waste of paper, time, and the image quality goes down along the line. So I try to find way to put my initial and signature directly on the PDF file. I check with Echosign and it seems that e-sign is legitimate. I have not tried DocuSign yet (it is another option). EchoSign only gives free 5 documents. So I have to find another way, Soda PDF with trial of 14 days. After that, what I am gonna do? I don’t know yet. My friend suggests to find “crack” :D. Soda PDF allows you to convert PDF to image, then you can use image editor programs (I used Paint) to sign or put initial, and then convert image back to PDF. It works for me so far, and E-sign is so convenient, especially in my situation.

Do you have any suggestion of software to put an e-sign to a PDF file if its security does not allow you to sign it?


Process to buy a mobile home


While searching for a house, my parents have bought a mobile home which is 2 units down from my grandma’s mobile home. My dad is super excited to his new own place and my mom is happy for him too. She is just happy but not really excited. My mom’s attitude toward life has changed dramatically. She is not too happy for anything. Instead, she is calm to every situation. Her platelet count is going low, and she is experiencing bleeding episodes in her mouth and her nose. I am kind of worried a bit, but  I know that we can’t give up and always hope for the best. She is half-way done with chemotherapy and has 2 more months to go. Cross our fingers.

Let’s go back to our mobile home. I really want to buy a house for them but my budget right now can’t even afford a house in Westminster, especially at the heart of Little Saigon. This mobile home’s location will allow my mom to walk to a supermarket, so it is really convenient for her. The mobile home park’s manager said that when my parents are older, they will have to live here anyway because they will not be able to drive. I totally agree with her statement. It is a really old unit (1960), with 2 Beds, 1 Bath. We bought it for $44,000 and monthly rent would be $795. It was sold by owner, and we didn’t go through agent so it was confusing at first with the buying process. Anyway, I figured it out by myself (so proud of me LOL). What you need are:

-Purchase agreement (can be downloaded free online)

-Bill of sale

-Statement of facts

-Notice of sale or transfer

These forms can be found here:

You will need statement of facts, tax clearance, registration card and title to transfer title in Santa Ana. Tax clearance can be obtained at Civic Center.

Registration and titling:

2000 East Fourth Street, Suite 304
Santa Ana, CA 92705-3949
Street Map *

(714) 558-4974

Tax clearance:

11 Civic Center Plaza
625 N. Ross Street
Santa Ana, CA 92701

I am still looking for my own house. I get into bidding wars, and I am waiting for one offer in Garden Grove. Buying a house in the U.S. is not an easy process, but I guess no pain no gain.

Frog vs. Stork. Who will win? I hope frog will win. Love you mom. Love you very much.