Online class for Real Estate


I am planning to get license for Real Estate Broker. Among real estate agents that I have been working with, none of them meets my expectation. They all want to close the deal as soon as possible but not really want to negotiate for the best interest of buyer. There is a saying, “If you can’t beat them, join them”. I am waiting for my registration appointment for my online class, RE 101. Hopefully I can get in. I really want to go to actual class but my work schedule does not allow me to attend.


“It’s a seller’s market”


According to Marketplace Money last week, the housing inventory drops up to 30% at this time of the year comparing to last year. A good house with reasonable price will get multiple offers. I have been experienced it lately, but I know I cannot rush myself. Hopefully I will be able to find one within a year. By the way, in case you are looking for a property, is a very good website to search for listings.

My boyfriend has been taking advantages of craiglist free stuff in Nevada. He told me that when getting free furniture from other houses, he realized consumption in America has been really wasteful. My apartment now is like a storage, so I can’t wait to put all those things in my future house.

Tax filing: Hit and Miss



– I used Turbo Tax free online tools to check my federal and state tax returns –> Got more refunds than I thought. Highly recommend this free service from Turbo Tax.

This year I sold stocks, so it was a little bit complicated but just a little bit. I used schedule D and form 8949. I also had to file 2 state taxes because I moved back to Cali last year. California’s tax is really high and complex comparing to New Mexico’s.


-Did not max out 401k.

Good thing: My student loan has 40k left and my goal of 60k for down payment is reached. Time to look for a house.

So it is my short post for tax filing. And yes, I did it by myself with the assistance of Turbo Tax. So proud of myself. My mom is just done with 3rd round and she is doing well. I still worry a lot about next coming rounds. I have learned so much about life from this experience and my tie with my mom is stronger than ever. Thanks Rong Vang for your support, your guidance and your recommendation of Dalai Latma. Not a big fan of him before but I am now and will be in the future. Every day is already a gift.