When do you sell your company stock?


I just sold my company stocks yesterday. My company matches 15% for each dollar I contribute up to $1,800 per plan year. I decided to sell them when the price was high, instead of selling when I need the money because the price may be low at the time. I am going to use that money to pay for my student loans which has 6.8% interest.

My profit = the price of share* number of shares – the amount I contributed – commission fees

There are 2 ways to sell my shares: sell as batch order and sell at market price. When the stocks are sold as batch order, the price of share will be the average price of that day. The commission for batch order at my company is $20 + $0.05 per share and for market price is $30 + $0.05 per share. I sold mine as batch order because I did not own a whole bunch of shares.

Company stocks are considered a savings account to many of my co-workers, and they usually sell them when they need the money. I would sell them when the prices are high and put the money to a savings account instead of selling them when I need it. What do you think?


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