Christmas gifts on budget


My Christmas gifts include Bath & Body Work Antibacterial Hand Soaps (Winter collection) and Glade holiday jar candles for 11 people at my pharmacy.

Hand Soaps: I got Black Friday deal: Buy 1 get 1 free + 25% off order. 12 items for $32.97 including shipping fees and taxes.

Glade holiday jar candles: I bought from Target. For every 5 candles you will get $5 Target gift card. $2.50 for each candle, so I got 10 candles from Glade and 1 3×3 pillar candle on clearance for total of $16.65.

Holiday Gift bags: 9 bags for $5 at Walmart (plus 2 bags I bought from Christmas last year for $.50 each)

Total cost: Around $54. Divided by 2 because I have another pharmacist to share cost, so about $27 each. Not bad, right?

Wish you all happy shopping for holiday and don’t forget to give to unfortunate ones. It’s a season of giving!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

From Bellagio, Las Vegas



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