Beauty, music and talent have no border


BeautyQQ is a make-up channel on Youtube created by Queenie Chan from Hongkong. I really love her tutorial videos which are very creative and beautiful. Here is one of her latest videos:

From the above video, I am attracted to the song “Pearl tower” by Shanghai Restoration Project (SRP). The producer of SRP is Dave Liang who blends the 1930s jazz music in Shanghai with Western upbeat. Another song in this album is Miss Shanghai which has become famous around the world. Dave Liang holds a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics and Economics from Harvard University and has worked as a consultant at a global investment firm but he decides to pursue a career in music industry.

Pearl Tower:

Miss Shanghai:

One of his interviews leads me to Christine Lu. She is an entrepreneur and she is building a Chinese luxury travel network.

Politically, there is a tension between Vietnam and China on the East Sea. In fact, this tension has lasted for more than 3000 years. I really hesitate to post this topic because a lot of my friends in Vietnam have boycotted anything related to China. However, I think beauty, music and talent have no border. I can only wish my people will stay strong to fight with China in this long-time war. As Magneto in Xmen has said, “Peace will never be an option”.


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