Chandler, Xmen First Class and a sad story


I was exhausted this week again after driving 7 hours back and forth to Chandler, AZ (total 14hrs in the car in 2 days). I was not productive this time, 6hrs listening to music, 2hrs talking on the phone, and only 2 hrs for an audio book, haizz. By the way, Chandler is a very beautiful and organized city, comparing to Phoenix. There are so many new, gigantic houses in the area. I had a good time eating Bun Bo Hue again, drinking Boba Milk Tea, and watching Xmen: First Class at Harkins Theater, Chanlder Fashion. The movie tickets were so cheap, only $7 for each (10.50 in California and 8.50 in New Mexico). I am a big fan of Xmen series, and this part is again a good one to me. Now, I understand more about part 1 and the relationship between Professor X and Magneto. JFK appears in this film, probably to target Baby Boomer generation. One of my favorite quotes: “Peace will never be an option.”

There is a another sci-fi movie coming out. It looks interesting:

Here comes the story of the day. Yesterday my bf told me about this story: A 17 year-old, Chinese boy sold one of his kidneys for iPhone and electronic gadgets for just $3,000. I felt really sad because of his purpose of selling. I am thinking about crowd phenomenon and consumerism psychology. When you see your friends using iPhones, it makes you want one. A man makes 200k a year but his wife still feels depressed because they live on Park Avenue in New York City. iPhone is nice to have, but it is not really necessary, especially if you cannot afford. That couple should move to a middle class neighborhood. Chandler looks nice because of its economic power. The difference between the ghetto area and the nice area is just the gap of money and education.

Sorry guys, so much philosophy here. Anyway, check out the movie, my About page (just updated :D) and see you in next post.


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