Past week review 5/23-5/29: Random things


This past week was a lazy week. I did not learn Spanish as much as I want to, did not practice keyboard, and did not read any new book. I did not even have a topic to write, so I decided to write about random things in my life.

Spanish learning process: I have learned mostly from:  Asi’ es 4th edition (I got it for free from my pharmacy school’s library, but the used one on is very cheap), Spanish for Kids, and Mango languages via my public library link. (In case you want to learn English, you can visit Learning Express Library. They offer GRE, Toeic, Toefl practice tests etc. I believe you do not need a library card, just need to register)

nigahiga’s channel /HigaTV’s channel, and HappySlip’s channel: I always LMAO whenever watching their videos. Laugh is important in life, and I think comedians are really talented.

Go Green: and Planet Green give tips from how to clean your house using baking soda and vinegar to how to plan a green wedding. I am a big fan of Go Green and I believe everyone can make a difference to Mother Earth.

Kindle for PC, free ebook collections: I just tried this yesterday. The free ebook collections from Amazon actually are available in public libraries, so I prefer reading the paper versions. In case you do not have access to libraries, you can download Kindle for PC application from, and get free ebooks. There are also many other websites offering free ebooks:,,,

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Weekend and see you in next post.


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