Bloomberg, CNBC, Yahoo and Google Finance


In financial market, CNBC and Bloomberg are two specialized TV channels that you should watch. The websites are very informative and reliable. I prefer Bloomberg because I can watch live for free online ^.^, but it depends on the internet speed. Someday the connection is really bad and I will not be able to watch it at all >.< CNBC does have plenty of videos with all kinds of topics. The clips have solid information which is very helpful if you understand. I am still learning, and it is so excited when I understand what they are talking about.

However, I do not usually read news or follow stocks on these 2 websites. Yahoo! Finance and Google Finance are more convenient to me. In fact, Yahoo! Finance has more tools than Google. I love Yahoo watch list because red and green are easy to see. Google is kind of plain, so boooooring interface! (I am a visual learner!) But it is just my preference. Every person has different taste. Another factor to consider is which one you get used to the most.

Here is my watch list from Yahoo:

And this is from Google:

I know, this post is a bit overwhelming. So, I have a good news to share with you guys: I am going to Vegas tomorrow for vacation. Yay!!!! It is 11:37 pm now and I have to wake up at 4 am tomorrow to catch the early flight. I also have to drive 1.5 hours to the airport (so far!!!) but I have no choice 😦 . Then I will go to Orange County on Friday to visit my parents. Can’t wait to eat good food! I am so craving for Vietnamese food now. This weekend may not have any new post but I promise I will take pictures of yummy food, he he.

It is kind of early but I wish you guys have a good weekend!!! Buen fin de semana!


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