“Inside job” movie review


“Inside job” has won Oscar this year for the best documentary film. My rating for this movie is 9/10. 9 because I cannot understand the movie 100%, but I believe the truth it brings out and the message it conveys are worth-seeing. It is difficult to understand because the topic is about finance, economy and some terms are like “foreign language”. I mean if you are not in finance major, how do you know what “derivative” means?

But I am for sure you know about 2008 economy crisis, you know about Greece, Iceland, and many other countries around the world are in the risk of default. People in the United States know about the subprime loans, the foreclosures, the unemployment, the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, the bailout of AIG, GM, etc. but we don’t understand why the CEO of AIG, and many other executives still take home billions of dollars for bonus and compensation while their employees become unemployed. You can really see there are “invisible hands” manipulating the US government in regulating the stock market. Even the dean of Columbia School of Business (Glen Hubbard), president of Harvard University (Larry Summer), dean of UC Berkeley School of Business (Laura Tyson), they all take home millions of dollars for encouraging deregulation. I cannot tell  regulation or deregulation is better, but there is unfairness going on. Of course life is always unfair, but you just need to know what really happens, why it happens and how we deal with. If the government helped Lehman Brother at the first place, people would not  lose trust and bad consequences would be avoidable (the government would not have to bail out AIG)

I am so glad that I could recognize George Soros (he is a very talented financier, if you still remember Thailand and Southeast Asia 1997 currency crisis).

Conclusion: if you really want to be rich, I mean, to make a million dollars,  you may need to open a second Google, an Apple, Microsoft, or Facebook, or you may have to learn how to invest. Well, it is my conclusion after watching. It is not the director’s intention I believe :D. Let me know what you think about the movie.



3 thoughts on ““Inside job” movie review

  1. Interesting. I will check this movie out, thanks for the review!

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