Past week review 4/25-5/1


Last week was a success. I achieved my daily goals, and most of my weekly goals. One thing I have to put more effort is to run 2 miles outdoor. Hopefully this weekend, I can run half a mile.

I also did my April spending sheet and my food spending was 139.58 which is much lower than my expectation. I have about $227 extra which I used to buy a flight ticket in June to visit my BB. I think I am ahead of my budget and I will try to keep up with that.

There is one book that I just finished reading (partially) a week ago. The title is “More wealth without risk” by Charles J. Givens.

I really hesitate to introduce this book because it is so controversial. This book is not recommended for everyone, you have to use your logic and sense before applying it. The author has got into a lot of lawsuits due to misleading his customers that his fortune is actually from selling his strategies, not from using these strategies. However, part II: Tax-reducing strategies is the only part that I read and highly recommend. Some strategies I find helpful are how to deal with tax audit, submitting a new W-4 if your tax status is changed (IRS website even has a calculator to help you figure out your allowances), and how to turn a small business into a tax shelter. He also mentioned about renting property deduction and itemized deductions which do not apply to my situation, but you may find it interesting and helpful. The book is really old (1991), a lot of facts and information are out of date, but I think the principles are still the same. Again, many critics say that his strategies are so risky and IRS do not agree his assumptions. My point is that you still need to learn about how our tax systems work and make it work for you legally.

I really feel pity for the author. I admire his knowledge and his hard work. Any book is just an opinion, but readers are too harsh on him. They did not really understand his implications, they applied it in a wrong way and then claimed him for their mistakes. People just do not appreciate what you have done. They only remember your mistakes. What a selfish world but life is always unfair, unfortunately.


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