It has been a long time since my last blog ^.^. I have written a lot in my facebook page, but now I am back to wordpress. Still struggle to learn about tools in wordpress, so many tools!!! Changing my headline picture took me about 15 mins to figure out, but finally I did not have a spring picture of my own to upload (sigh!). Anyway, let’s come back to the topic. I am reading “The millionaire next door” by Thomas J. Stanley, recommended from Fabulous Broke. One of the questions he has asked the millionaires is “Do you have a clearly defined set of daily, weekly, monthly, annual, and lifetime goals?” Something sparks in my mind. I do not have one! So, yesterday I wrote out my goals and here they are:

Daily: Study 5 words in Spanish, do yoga or cardio exercise, lift weight, read news, 1 hour to study about investment

Weekly: Practice playing keyboard (at least 3 hours), read a book, run 2 miles outdoor, listen to Marketplace, This American Life

Monthly: Save $5000 in savings account, learn tools and resource from Scottrade and Vanguard

Annually: Pay off my student loans (it is down to 60k now, yay :D), learn about real estate, be able to play at least 3 songs, savings for down payment

Lifetime: Start a second career (accountant), open a small business, own a rental property, travel around the world with my hubby

My daily goals are easily to achieved. Now I know how to greet, count from 1-10, and the days of a week in Spanish. Today is my friday, and hopefully my weekly goals will be done. These goals may change, depending on situations. But for now, I will follow these by heart LOL. At least I will learn how to discipline myself. I have never disciplined myself until now, because I was too lazy. Reading books has changed my habits and my thinkings. I already set my budget for spending, and my next post will be about how my monthly spending looks like.

If you have not set up your goals, I highly recommend you do it now. Looking forward to see your goals 🙂


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