Tutorials p.1 – Make-up and fashion for petites


Let me share with you 2 of the coolest tutorial pages for makeup and fashion. I know many of you guys are already experts in these fields, so this post is for amateurs like me who don’t know how to makeup until 25yo (I know, what a shame!). Let me know what you think and let’s share what links you usually visit to learn about these skills. (This blog is by no means to PR these pages. I just think they can help you look better and feel more confident.)


Michelle Phan

“My dreams?
To help women empower themselves with this art, makeup. Believe it or not, you can transform your life with one lipstick. Women have stronger careers, future and self esteem when they feel confident and beautiful.”


I would recommend to see her tutorials that posted 2-3 yrs ago to learn the basic (I’m still learning now). Her page is my first tutorial that I have visited. There are lots of other make-up gurus available on youtube, but she is my favorite. I don’t know why, but probably because I like her choice of colors which is suitable to my Asian skin.




“If the title has not yet given me away, I am very petite – standing just under 5 foot tall and weighing in at 94 lbs. For international friends, that is 152.4 cm and about 43kg. I wear mostly 00P / XXSP in clothing, and 5.5 in shoes. My measurements are 32-24-33 w/ a 28 inch inseam. As fellow petites all know, it can be a challenge to build a polished and put-together wardrobe that fits, especially for the workplace.”

Yes, I am one of her fellow petites. She has a lot of tips, from looping a belt that is too long to alterations and tailoring. I actually asked my BB to buy the leather hole-puncher at Michael’s from her recommendation at a very good deal ($6).

From watching to practicing is another story. I don’t wear make-up everyday, just on occasion when going out. And I don’t go shopping very often because I still have >80k in student loans :(. But I hope you find some helpful tips from the above tutorials. Valentine is coming and no matter what you are going to have a romantic date or not, let’s look beautiful and have fun.

For my Vietnamese friends, I wish you a wonderful Tet holiday with your loved ones. Happy Tet Holiday!!!


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